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Shijiazhuang Jingang Internal Combustion Engine Parts Group Ltd. adopts CNC equipment, specialized production machine, universal equipment and special tools to ensure the quality of the product. With the digestive absorption of the introduced technology, the level of our technology and equipment is improved continuously. The main technical equipment is as follows.

For the casting cylinder liner, we choose cupola furnace, intermediate frequency duplex melting electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace duplex melting with variable frequency furnace to get molten iron. American Baird direct reading spectrometer gives bath analysis and then the product is casted by single station and multiple station semi-automatic centrifugal casting machines. The outer circle of the cylinder liner is processed with copying lathe and numerically controlled lathe, the inner bore is machined with the Germany Green external brake fixture honing machine, which is highly precise with dual feeding. The outer circle is finished by centerless grinder and cylindrical grinder. The cylinder liner is tested with the advanced magnetic particle inspection machine, pneumatic micrometer, Taylor-5 contourgraph and Taylor-265 cylindricity measuring instrument. Therefore, our product is guaranteed on quality, size precision and roughness.

The piston ring manufacturing is accomplished with American variable frequency furnace to get molten iron, the American Baird direct reading spectrometer to give bath analysis and Germany Goetze molding machine with three working stations. Moreover, the piston ring is processed by internal and external circles copying lathe, CNC cylindrical lathe, CNC high precision double end grinder, CNC molding grinder, CNC ladder surface grinder and Germany GTV plasma molybdenum spray machine.

The piston is made by duplex melting of advanced natural gas shaft furnace and variable frequency electric furnace. It is also refined with the degassing technology to get the extremely well distributed molten aluminum with stable chemical components in high melting efficiency. The product is machined with high speed and high precision CNC lathe especially for convex oval piston, high accuracy CNC piston pin hole boring lathe and ring groove lathe. These machines are adequate to fulfill the requirements of making convex oval piston, horn-shaped pin hole and trapezoidal ring groove for modern supercharged engine. The specialized piston casting machine is used to make the ring groove inserted with heat resistant austenite ring, the skirt inserted with steel plate and the piston with cold oil cavity. Due to the technologies of spray and screen painting graphite, molybdenum disulfide coating, phosphatization, tinning, hard anodic oxidation on top and ring groove micro arc oxidation, the piston is improved on abrasion resistance, antifriction property and life span so that it can reduce the power consumption but increase the effective power. In addition, we develop autonomously the advanced pistons with cold oil cavity, inlaid copper sleeve and articulated pendulum.

For the quality inspection on piston, we utilize the American direct reading spectrometer, roundness direct reading spectrometer, Germany digital diameter measuring instrument, macroscopic shape measuring instrument, ultrasonic flaw detector, Chinese coordinate measuring machine, contour measuring instrument, universal tool microscope, small aperture measuring instrument, Taylor-5 contourgraph, cleanliness measuring instrument, X-ray detector and other detection machines.

The piston pin inner bore is molded with cold extrusion technology to ensure the required roughness and precision in size. Moreover, it makes full use of steel materials. The imported Japanese MD-600III-15D high precision centerless grinder is used for outer circle machining to ensure the size precision and roughness on piston pin to fit various engines. We also introduce the ultrasonic cleaning machine to keep the clearance. Furthermore, this piston pin can be guaranteed on quality for the advanced inspection machines, such as magnetic particle inspection machine, 10000 times of pneumatic micrometer, imported Taylor-5 contourgraph, Taylor-265 cylindricity measuring instrument, etc.