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Piston Ring Strain and the Early Abrasion

1.There is axial strain on the outer circle surface of the piston ring.
2. The outer circle surface is worn badly and the open space is widened.
3. The side surface and the piston ring groove are worn severely.
1.Three filters failure leads to that the impurities enter the cylinder and turn to abrasive.
2. It is not coated with oil in installation or it runs lacking of oil so that the lubrication is not good.
3. The engine is burned abnormally and runs with over load. Added with the failure of cooling system, the engine is too hot.
4. The cylinder deforms.
5. As the interval between the ring and the ring grove is two small or there is too much carbon deposit, the ring is blocked.
6. Without proper breaking in with the cylinder, the piston ring is brought into operation.
7. It runs at idle speed or low speed in a long term.

Piston Ring Breaking

1.The piston ring is broken into two or more sections.
2. The broken ring may impact the piston shore up and down to damage it.
3. The broken ring is harmful for cylinder.
1.The installation is not correct, like it is not coated with oil while installation or the ring is expanded to over large.
2. The ring and the ring groove side are worn seriously. The cylinder is worn unevenly.
3. With over large angular advance on ignition and oil spraying, the engine works with over high burning pressure.
4. The piston ring bears too large thermal stress.
5. The broken piston ring shore causes the fracture of the piston ring.