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Pin Hole inside Fracture

1.There is crack inside the pin hole. When it becomes worse, the crack expends to the piston top along the pin boss.
1.Excessive oil is supplied for the engine.
2. The advance angle of ignition or oil supply is over large.
3. The fuel is improper.
4. The supercharge pressure is too high.
5. The overload operation and other factors lead to over large mechanical load to fracture the pin hole.

Piston Skirt Strain

1.One side or two side of the piston skirt is strained in large area.
1.The cylinder deforms or the cylinder gasket is broken.
2. The cooling system failure causes the poor cooling performance.
3. The piston is lack of oil or the engine oil is not pure or with poor quality.
4. The idle speed and the running speed of the engine are too low.
5. The engine run with large load in a long time or with over load at over high speed.
6. The engine is cold started continuously in an improper way or it bears abrupt large load after starting.
7. Before the sufficient running in between the new piston and the cylinder, the piston is involved in large load running.

Impacting of the Cylinder Head

1.The piston top deforms and there is lug boss of cylinder head and valve port on the top.
2. With the constant impact of cylinder head on the piston top, the piston top will deform or will be broken.
1.The clearance in the piston top is too small.
2. The failure of crank and connecting rod mechanism leads to the lengthened running route of the piston.