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Installation Instructions
1.Every part of engine bearing should be cleaned and every hole is not blocked.
2. Each engine bearing should be matched with the corresponding bearing holder and the upper part and lower part should not be installed incorrectly. The oil hole on the bearing should be against that of the bearing holder.
3. As for thrust bearing, the alloy surface should be outward.
4. The inner surface of the bearing, as well as the alloy surface of the thrust plate, should be coated with engine oil.
5. From the middle to side, the bolt should be screwed tightly in sequence 2 or 3 times to reach the newly regulated torque in the internal combustion engine instructions. The axial clearance between the engine bearing and the crankshaft should conform to the regulations to ensure that the crankshaft can rotate flexibly.

After replaced, the engine bearing should be run in. After the running in period, the engine bearing should be added with new engine oil.