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Badly Abrasion and Surface Exfoliation of Engine Bearing

1.The engine bearing is worn in large area and its surface exfoliates.
2. The color of the bearing back changes or turns blue.
1.The oil becomes thin and oil film gets thin or is damaged at the high temperature.
2. The engine bearing is lack of oil.
3. The engine is overload.
Note: One factor or some factors aforesaid will add the heat of friction, damage the oil film, exfoliate the alloy surface, and even change the color of bearing back at over high temperature.

Bearing Fatigue Damage

1.There is fatigue crack on the bearing.
2. The crack can expand to cause the exfoliation of the alloy surface.
1.The stress exceeds the fatigue strength of the material.
2. The stress on some parts is too large.

Bearing Scratches

1.The bearing surface is coarse and there are grooves on the shallow surface.
2. The color of the bearing changes.
3. Sometimes there is the heating trace on the bearing back.
4. The aluminum bearing is easy to be scratched.
1.The engine oil is not clean and there is dust or impurities in it.
2. The bearing is not lubricated efficiently because of lacking of oil so that it runs with semi dry friction.
3. The engine is started improperly at low temperature or started unsuitably after long term rest.