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Inner Wall Strain of Cylinder Liner

1.There is uneven and irregular groove mark inside the cylinder liner and sometime there is some aluminum metal is melted on the cylinder wall.
1.The cylinder is not lubricated well with the piston so that the metal contacts directly to lead to the surface strain.
2. It is lack of oil or the engine oil is not good enough.
2. The engine is over hot.
3. The engine deforms or the cylinder liner is installed with great deformation.
4. The dust enters the cylinder or the engine oil is not pure.
5. Before use, the cylinder liner is not run in or run in improperly.
6. The cylinder liner is used in incorrect ways, such as the improper cold starting, the immediate acceleration, over loading running at over high speed, etc.

Cylinder Liner Cavitations

1.There are groups of dense holes or vermicular and ditch like pitting on the water jacket of the wet cylinder liner.
1.The engine runs extremely rudely with strong vibration.
2. The overmuch deposit blocks the cooling passageway to the cooling cavity so that the cooling liquid does not flow smoothly.
3. The temperature of the cooling liquid is too low or too high.
4. The thermostat or radiator cap does not work.
5. The cooling liquid is processed insufficiently or even not processed.

Early Abrasion of Cylinder Liner

1.There is obvious footstep on the top dead center of the cylinder liner in a short time.
1.There is some dust entering the cylinder or too much carbon deposits.
2. The engine burns abnormally with rough running.
3. Running with over load at over high speed, the engine is too hot.
4. The engine is lack of oil or the engine oil is poor at quality.
5. The engine runs at idle speed in a long time.
6. The frequent cold starting the engine will cause the early damage of the cylinder liner.
7. There is unsuitable running in or even no running in on the cylinder liner.
8. The fuel contains overmuch corrosion materials, such as sulfur, etc.