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Technical Specifications of Cylinder Liner
ModelPart No.Inner Bore Diameter (MM)Length(MM)
YUNNEI Power 490QB490QB-01005A90183.5

If your vehicle is equipped with the engine of YUNNEI 490QB, YN4100QB or QBZ, our cylinder liner and other matchinaag parts can be selected for replacement. Our product fits the other parts in the engine and it can prolong the service life of the engine.

YUNNEI Power is the leading manufacturer in the China specializing in producing multiple cylinders diesel engine with small bore diameter. It is the important researching and developing base of advanced diesel engine, which reaches the standard of Europe III and Europe IV. As the energy saving and environment protective product, the electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine in type D16TCI, D19TCI and D25TCI made by YUNNEI Power gain 39 patents. It can be cooperated with various commercial vehicles, SUV, MVP and other cars. YUNNEI Power is the first enterprise dedicated to products for both commercial vehicle and passenger car in China and its long term customers are spreading in Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt and other regions.

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