YUCHAI Diesel Group

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Technical Specifications of Cylinder Liner
ModelPart No.Inner Bore Diameter (MM)Length
YUCHAI Diesel GroupYC4112ZQG0100-1002026111.798227

Our cylinder liner can be used for YUCHAI diesel engine, such as YC4112ZQ, YC6105ZQC, YC6112ZLQ and other types. Users can choose the corresponding product directly.

YUCHAI Diesel Group is the leading manufacturer of internal combustion engine with diversified types. It is the first Chinese enterprise to make the diesel engine to reach the emission standard of China III, China IV and China V with large production and sales. It has years of cooperation with Bosch, Caterpillar, Wartsila and other international manufacturers. In 2011, YUCHAI Diesel Group made the first Chinese diesel engine, which conforms to the emission standard of Euro VI and it keeps the pace with world advanced level in technology. This company primarily owns 42 series of light, medium and heavy duty diesel engines for vehicle, ship, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, electric generation equipment diesel, etc. Its product is sold to Asia, Europe, America, Australia, etc.

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