Shangchai Diesel Engine

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Technical Specifications of Cylinder Liner
ModelPart No.Inner Bore Diameter (MM)Length(MM)
Shangchai Diesel Engine 495A495-100203195220
CATC121(C02AL) 1105800120.675253.86

To fulfill the demands of users, we supply the cylinder liner for Shangchai Diesel Engine. Our product is designed with multiple types according to the engines, such as 495A, D6114, 6135, CATC121, etc. When the users provide the model of engine, we will supply the corresponding product for use.

As for Shangchai, it made the first 6135 diesel engine with self design, which is totally made in China in 1958. It is the beginning of development on medium power and high speed diesel engine. This company specializes in developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing the diesel engine used for truck, bus, engineering plant, agricultural machinery, ship, electric generating set. Moreover, its products include the natural gas engine, dimethyl ether engine and hybrid power engine. The power of the engine is varied from 100 to 1000 horsepower and the product conforms to the emission standard of Europe IV and Europe V. The users of Shangchai engine are spreading in more than 50 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.

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